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Dope.As.Fresh Hair Growth Oil is handmade for holistic natural healing and growth purposes. It is intended to help assist in the healing and regrowth process from issues such as seborrheic dermatitis, scarring, dryness, slow growth, shedding, and hair loss.  We take pride in our process of creating this oil. The process takes several weeks to ensure that the herbs and oils combine fully extracting all the nutrients without using the heat process to diminish the nutrients in each ingredient. The anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and anti-fungal properties all work in harmony to create a foundation of soothing and cleansing while restoring damaged skin cells to build a healthy base for stronger hair to grow.  Dope.As.Fresh Hair Growth Oil stimulates blood circulation to the root of the hair allowing the antiseptic properties to help with dandruff.  It also softens hair, prevents split ends, decreases breakage and hydrates hair.  The oil is light allowing the oils to penetrate the scalp and hair instead of being heavy and sitting on the surface of the hair.  This balances oil production and conditions the scalp and hair without suffocating the scalp.

Suggested Use:

*Daily Use or A few times per week.

*Can be applied to area that needs the attention for hair growth or the entire head.

*Use as a combined moisturizer mixed with a leave in conditioner before blow drying hair or before protective styling.

*Results vary,  however results have been seen in a week.

*Hot Oil Treatment - Make sure your hair is wet (towel dried and isn't dripping) Squeeze and fill the dropper with oil. Then apply to scalp. A little goes a long way so you don't have to over saturate your scalp. Massage your scalp and leave in for 20-30 mins. Use a shower cap to cover your hair. Optional: Sit under the dryer for 20-30 mins while oil treatment saturates your scalp and hair.

*Deep Conditioning Treatment - Add a teaspoon of hair growth oil to your desired deep conditioning treatment for added nutrients and moisture.

*Shelf Life: 1 year

This product is free of:

*Preservatives and chemicals
*Artificial colors and dyes
*Synthetics and parabens
*Animal products, animal by-products, and animal testing




Red Mystique Art (RMA) produces hair and skin products that are for external use only. Store in a dry cool place. It is recommended to do a patch test before use of any product for your safety. If you notice any irritation or redness discontinue use. Not all result are equal. Everyone has a different body make up so results can vary from individual to individual. There is no guarantee as to their effects. Please read and be aware of all ingredients and their effects towards your body. By purchasing, the buyer is aware and agreed to all policies. This a no return policy. If there are any concerns or questions feel free to contact us via email

Hair Growth Oil

4 Ounces
  • Due the nature of the products being sold there are no returns or refunds. Customized Moth Locs are handmade to order and cannot be returned or refunded once the order has been placed and confirmed. 

    All natural skin and hair are no return or refunds as well.  Red Mystique Art takes pride in its product packaging to ensure the contents of your order are shipped securely and properly.

    However there are unforeseen circumstances that do happen.  If you have a concern feel free to contact us to resolve your issue.

  • Are the Dope.As.Fresh products paraben, sulfate and chemical free?

    • YES. All products are 100% Natural Ingredients.


    What is the time frame for the average person to see results?

    • The Dope.As.Fresh Hair Growth Oil shows average results within 7 days. Time frame for growth does depend on each individual and the condition of their skin, scalp and hair.


    How often should I use each product?

    • Each product has specific use instructions.


    What is the product shelf life?

    • Each product has specific instructions.


    What if I have an allergic reaction or irritation to the product?

    • Please read all ingredients in the product before purchase to understand what may or may not react positively to your skin.  If you have a concern of if the product will work well for you it is recommended whenever trying a new product to do a patch test on the specific area you want to use the product for and test.
    • If you have a negative reaction to the product, please seek proper medical attention if required.
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