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Photoshoots/TV/Film Hair Styling

Since 1998 Shanna Anise has been learning, developing and creating her craft as a creative hairstylist outside of regular clientele.  This is where her passion for hair swoons into a wonderland of creativity.  There are no limits to what she can do or has accomplished when it comes to a blank canvas of hair.  Her original artistry came from her background in dance and theatre which paved the way for a natural talent that would soon land her work on red carpets such as NAACP Awards, television shows such as Wild N Out and Cutting it in the ATL, Television networks including MTV, Netflix, ABC, and WeTV; magazine covers and spreads such as Radiant Health Magazine in Africa, Eclectic Magazine in UK, US magazines such as Essence, Hype Hair, and Sophisticates Black Hair.  Shanna is the lead hair artist for Creative Soul based in Atlanta, GA, which is known for there beautiful extravagant Afro Art Series. You can view her work in and on the cover of their new published book GLORY "Magical Visions of Black Beauty".  Shanna has been stamped by several heavy hitters as a unique out the box creator when it comes to styling hair while keeping in mind the importance of healthy hair.  Shanna advocates that even though these creation are very detailed and time conscious depending on if they are being made for a quick photoshoot, or will be worn for several hours for a fashion show, stage production or film the integrity of ones natural hair must be a top priority as well.  Shanna's work has also been seen on several of her celebrity clients such as Emmanuel Hudson, Ayoka Chenzira, Mushiya Tshikuka, Kodie Shane, Dreamadai, Polow Da Don, Angel Taylor and Brandi Williams to name a few.  Her work has graced the covers and pages of magazines, books, and brand campaigns seen all over the world. She has worked with brands which include but are not limited to Aunt Jackie's Curls and Coils as a platform artist in London (UK), Design Essentials, Revlon Realistic, Textures My Way and Kaleidoscope.  That is not all.  Shanna is a only building when it comes to her brand and name in this industry.

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Avant Garde/Creative Styling

Creative styling is in the mind of the creator. My motto is "Stay Out the Damn Box" I believe in the the world of imagination and all aspects of creating something different that will make a statement according to what is needed for the job.

Commercial Styling

Commercial/Fashion hair styling is to enhance the product.  Precision and detail are best friends when it comes to making a product stand out from the rest. The goal is to tell the story of the brand and why a customer should trust, use and purchase this specific product.  Achieving very clean lines, neatness and clarity is top priority.

Editorial Styling

Editorial hair styling is directed with a plan of action to tell a story. In the creative process being aware of your surroundings in art, design, architecture, fashion, literature, film and the history in culture plays a major role in the final look. These looks will grace catwalks, magazine covers, billboards, product campaigns, and be share across international waters.



Creating Since 2007


Tinsel Tokyo          Radiant Health (AF)                   Fruk         

Essence                 Sophisticates Black Hair            Allure
Hype Hair              Kids Fashion Magazine             Black Bride                Kontrol                  Curlbox                                       Atlanta Tribune        Blink Atlanta         Kink                                             Rolling Out           

Wig Manics           Black Business Mogul               Atlanta Daily World

Madam Noire       Cocoa Girl (UK)                          Eclectic (UK)

Marie Claire (AU)  Atlanta Journal Constitution


Glory by Kahran & Reggie Bethencourt

The Society Industry Book by: Drexina 


Cutting It In The ATL (WeTV) 

Wild N Out (MTV) 

Kinky Conversations (The Society Studios - Online Show)

50th NAACP Image Awards 


Revlon Realistic   Aunt Jackie's Curls & Coils     Design Essentials

Curlanista            Natural Styles By Fubu            Kaleidoscope

The Puff Cuff

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