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Dope.As.Fresh Skin Oil is a protectant and healing oil which restores skin cells and moisturizes the skin.  It is a light oil that penetrates the skin without clogging your pores.  We take pride in our process of creating this oil.  The process takes several weeks to ensure that the herbs and oils combine fully extracting all the nutrients without using the heat process to diminish the nutrients in each ingredient.  The active components have holistic properties which include antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, anti-aging components, exfoliant properties and therapeutic agents which assist in the overall skin rejuvenating process.  The oils combined have benefits which include skin elasticity, softness, evens out skin tone, protects skin from harmful bacteria, reduces inflammation, accelerates wound healing, reduces the appearance of scars, and fights against acne.  The herbal benefits help to promote healthy skin by preventing inflammation, varicose veins, inflammation, eczema and psoriasis.  


*Apply to damp skin after a shower.

*Use for scars and wounds

*Use after exfoliating your face and body.

*Can be used as a massage oil.

*Can also be combined with a body cream for added moisture especially during the cold season

Face & Body Healing Oil

4 Ounces
  • Due the nature of the products being sold there are no returns or refunds. Customized Moth Locs are handmade to order and cannot be returned or refunded once the order has been placed and confirmed. 

    All natural skin and hair are no return or refunds as well.  Red Mystique Art takes pride in its product packaging to ensure the contents of your order are shipped securely and properly.

    However there are unforeseen circumstances that do happen.  If you have a concern feel free to contact us to resolve your issue.

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